Interpretations and Beginnings

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Speaker: Lynn Cockett
Occasion: Opening Convocation
Date: 28 August 2006


Lynn Cockett's “Interpretations and Beginnings” is her address to Juniata's entering students on the occasion of the College's convocation opening the 2006-07 academic year. Cockett tells three stories illustrating the importance and adventure of learning to think in ways that challenge the standard frameworks of thought and of learning to value the questions as much, if not more than, the answers.

The Constitution: Out of Balance?

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Speaker: Keith A. Pesto
Occasion: Constitution Day Lecture
Date: 18 September 2006



This Constitution Day lecture by U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Pesto examines the balance of power between the three branches of government and the role of political parties.

You Are Who You Meet

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Speaker: Marlene Burkhardt
Occasion: Bookend Series
Date: 11 October 2006



The number, kind, and closeness of our interactions with friends and work partners exert a powerful influence on the decisions we make, the anxiety we feel, our work performance, and our impact on others. These interactions can literally determine who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and our potential to innovate or to influence others.

The US-UK Special Relationship and the War on Terror

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Speaker: Charles Skinner
Date: 8 November 2006



The deputy director of the State Department’s Office of European Security and Political Affairs, Charles Skinner, gives a concise account of the reasons for close US-UK cooperation on many fronts especially the war on terror.

An Experiment in Democracy: The politics of impeachment on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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Speaker: Paula L. Wagoner
Occasion: Bookend Series Lecture
Date: 17 January 2007



This anthropological case study examines how South Dakota's new ban on abortions was an attempt to test the new and presumably conservative Supreme Court. Paula Wagoner studies Oglala tribal affairs as they relate to Cecelia Fire Thunder's tenure as the first female Oglala Lakota tribal president.

Iran, Iraq, N. Korea: Covering the Crisis of the Bush Presidency

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Speaker: David Sanger
Occasion: New York Times Speaker
Date: 6 February 2007



David Sanger reflects on his time as White House correspondent from the end of the Clinton administration until November 2006. He compares the type of threats faced between the Cold War, Vietnam War, and the war in Iraq.

Montage For the Future

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Speaker: Lois Moses
Occasion: Office of Diversity and Inclusion Lecture Series
Date: 7 February 2007



Winter and Spring

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Speaker: Philip Miller
Occasion: Kvasir Poetry Reading
Date: February 2007



The Nelson Touch: A Model for Leadership?

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Speaker: Richard R. Hark
Occasion: ODK Induction Ceremony
Date: 25 February 2007



Richard Hark spoke at the ODK induction ceremony on the subject of leadership. The Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, founded in 1914, seeks to “recognize exemplary achievement in scholarship and leadership” on American campuses. Hark asks how one recognizes “a leader.”

Painted Stories: The Work of Jacob Lawrence

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Speaker: Judy Maloney
Date: 28 March 2007



Judy Maloney explores the visual imagery of Jacob Lawrence in advance of a presentation by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. Translating paintings into dances, “colorography,” and Lawrence’s painted series are discussed as is the artist's relationship to the Harlem Renaissance.

Poem with Fragments of a Lost Language

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Speaker: Gerry LaFemina
Occasion: Poetry Reading
Date: 23 April 2007



You're On Your Own Now

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Speaker: J. Jackson Barlow
Occasion: Spring Convocation Awards
Date: 1 May 2007


Jack Barlow’s convocation address to graduating seniors at Juniata College reflects on the value of a liberal education, citizenship, and making a difference with one’s life. Barlow speaks to the preparation for an independent life guided by the value of and the search for personal truth.

An Introduction and a Conclusion

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Speaker: Edward S. Walker Jr.
Occasion: 129th Juniata College Commencement
Date: 12 May 2007


The former Ambassador to Israel, Egypt, and UAE uses his career as a case study for graduates in the unpredictable paths a career takes. In addition to enlightening diplomatic anecdotes, he concludes by apprising graduates that international affairs and Global Warming will likely be the challenge they inherit during their lifetimes.

Comic Book Science

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Speaker: Jay Hosler



As an instructional medium, Jay Hosler’s comic book offers the impact and power of simplified imagery. As such, the comic can grab the attention of the student reader in ways no conventional text can, aiding in the clarification of difficult concepts, and helping to make information more memorable. These are goals that are important in raising the scientific literacy of the contemporary American student.


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