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All POEs using the words Biology, Biological Science(s) or Zoology must meet the course requirements of this Biology designated POE.

General Requirements

A minimum of 18 credit hours of advanced biology coursework (Biology designated courses numbered in the 300's and 400's). The following courses also qualify: CH 301: BMBI, CH 416: BMBIII, ESS 320: Environmental Monitoring, ESS 325: Conservation Biology, PY 401: Comparative Psychology, PY 402: Evolutionary Psychology CH 105, CH 106 and CH 232. (four semester sequence recommended; required for many graduate programs) Either PC 200 and 201 or PC 202 and PC 203 each with PC 206 and PC 207. (8 credits) MA 130, Calculus I or BI 305, Biostatistics [some graduate programs may require Calculus]

Specific Requirements

The following courses must be taken. Substitutions and transfer credit require the approval of the Biology Department.

More Information

Course Number Title Credits Prerequisites Dist. Skills
BI 105 Biological Diversity and Ecology 3   N  
BI 106 Functions of Cells and Organisms 3 BI 105 and CH 105 N  
BI 121 Biology Lab I 1 corequisite BI 105 N QS
BI 122 Biology Lab II 1 BI 105 & BI 121 N QS
BI 189 Freshman Seminar 1   N CW (starting 12/sp)
CH 105 Organic Chemistry Concepts I 3   N  
CH 106 Organic Chemistry Concepts II 3 CH 105, minimum grade C N  
CH 116 Organic Chemistry Lab I 1 Corequisite CH 106 N  
CH 118 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1 prerequisite CH 106 & CH 116 N  
CH 232 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 4 CH 105, CH 116 or permission N  
BI 289 Frontiers of Biology 1 BI 189    
BI 207 Dynamics of Biological Processes 4 BI 106, CH 106 & CH 232 N  
MA 130
BI 305
BI 305CW
Calculus I




ESS 100 or BI 106





PC 20X Physics I & II with lab 8   N  
Upper level *See table below for distribution requirement 18      

Upper level Biology Distribution Requirement

At least one course must be taken from each core group. Of these four courses, two must have an associated laboratory. Three credits of research (BI 489) on the same project may count as a core laboratory course. The core classification will be determined by the research advisor. Special Topics courses at the 300 level or higher can also count towards the Biology distribution requirements, classification will be determined by the Biology advisor or Chair of the Biology Department. (Courses marked * are offered every other academic year; L indicates a laboratory course).

Evolution/Ecology Cell and Molecular Organismal Biological Interactions
BI-300-301, Ecology L BI-321, Ecological Genetics *L BI-360-361, Vertebrate Zoology L BI-310, Physiology L
BI-325-326, Plant Ecology *L Genetic Analysis* BI-350-351, Invertebrate Zoology *L BI-305, Biostatistics L
BI-339, Organic Evolution BI-331-332, Microbiology L BI-367-368, Anatomy L BI-450, Neurobiology
ESS-325, Conservation Biology CH-301, BMB I BI-327, Botany L BI-432, Environmental Toxicology*
ESS-320, Environmental Monitoring BI-316, BMB II BI-399, Plant Diversity *L BI-417, Reproductive Biology*
PY-402, Evolutionary Psychology* CH-416, BMB III BI-324, Ornithology L (summer, RFS)  
PY-401, Comparative Psychology* BI-318, Developmental Biology BI-323, Mammalogy L (summer, RFS)  
ESS-328, Limnology* BI-475, Microscopy L BI-370, Herpetology L (summer, RFS)  
BI-399, Animal Behavior *L BI-380W, Biological Sciences Research Methods L    
  BI-399, Genetics Research Methods L    

Minimum total credit hours = 55 or 56

The student must have an advisor who is a member of the Biology Department Faculty.

Suggested Normal Progression

Possible schedule for the POE

Class Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
Freshman CWS 4 BI 122 1
  IA 1 BI 189 1
  BI 105 3 CH 106 3
  BI 121 1 CH 116 1
  CH 105 3 MA 130 or elective 3-4
  Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 3-4 Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 3-4
    13-16   13-14
Sophomore BI 106 3 BI 207 with lab 4
  CH 232 3 Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 11-14
  BI 289 1    
  CH 118 1    
  Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 3-4    
    15-18   15-18
Junior PC 2XX (physics I) 3 Upper level Biology 3-4
  PC 206 2 PC 2XX (physics II) 3
  Upper level Biology 3-4 PC 207 1
  Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 6-8 Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 8-11
Senior Upper level Biology 3-4 Upper level Biology 3-4
  Upper level Biology 3-4 Upper level Biology 3-4
  Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 9-11 Electives (including FISHN or CA or IC) 6-8
    15-18   15-18

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