Chinese Studies Secondary Emphasis

effective fall 2015

Course Number Description Credits
CN 110 Chinese I 4
CN120 Chinese II 4
CN 210 Chinese III 3
CN 220 Chinese IV 3
CN 330 Advanced Chinese 3
AND 9 credits from the following, of which 3 credits must be upper division* (300 level)
CA 217 China Today I 1
CA 218 China Today II 3
EB 300 Business in China I 1
EB 301 Business in China II 3
PL 245 Chinese Philosophy 4
HS 109 China and Japan to 1800 3
HS 110 China and Japan since 1800 3
HS 306 People's Republic of China 4
HS 326 Modern China 3

*One Chinese Studies (non-Chinese language) course may be counted from any of Juniata's approved semester or year-long study-abroad programs in China.

NOTE: Native speakers of Chinese are exempted from the Chinese language requirements above but must take 18 credits of Chinese Studies courses(EB, CA, PL, and HS courses) from the list above. Six of eighteen credits must be upper division.