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The Russian designated program of emphasis provides students with proficiency in the Russian language, a general knowledge of Russian and Slavic cultures, and the ability to engage in independent work on a scholarly topic of their own choosing. The program prepares students for graduate work in Russian and related fields and for a variety of international professions as well as for any profession requiring the ability to think independently and react to new environments. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to develop a second concentration in International Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Business and Economics, History, Politics, Anthropology, Education, or any of the other Social Sciences. A Russian POE can also be combined with Pre-Law or Pre-Med.

  • A minimum of one semester and preferably one year of study abroad in a Russian-speaking country.
  • A minimum of 45 hours in Russian. No more than 11 of these 45 hours may be beginning or intermediate language courses (RU 110, 120, 210 or the equivalent).
  • After returning from study abroad, students will take at least one 300-level course in the language (other than the Senior Research Project).
  • Prior to the second semester of the student's senior year, he/she must demonstrate intermediate-high oral proficiency in Russian on the ACTFL scale.
  • The following courses must be taken. Alternative courses taken abroad may be substituted with departmental approval:
Course Number Title Credits Prerequisites Dist. Skills
RU 110 Russian I**
*Students will only receive H or I distribution if they have not taken more than two years of Russian at the secondary level.
RU 120 Russian II**
RU 110
RU 210 Intermediate Russian**
RU 120
**RU 110, 120, 210 are waived if students place out of them, but no academic credit will be awarded.
RU 230 Russian Conversation
RU 210
WL 201 Language in Motion
Other Requirements
  • Six course in Slavic literature, cinema, or culture at the 200-level or above (at least four of which must be at the 300-level) 22-24 credits
RU 450 Senior Research Project I
RU 311, RU 321, RU 326 or RU 335 HI CS
RU 451 Senior Research Project II
RU 450 HI CS
Two of the following three courses:
IS 104 Ideas & Power in the Modern World 4
RU 209 Russian History 4
HI or CA

Required credit hours = 46

Total POE credit hours should not exceed 63

updated 07.13

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