(for students starting Fall 2010)

A designated POE for biochemistry requires replacing certain chemistry courses in the Chemistry POE with selected biology courses. Its structure is based on recommendations prepared by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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Course Number Title Credits Prerequisites Dist. Skills
CH 105 Organic Chemistry Concepts I 3   N  
CH 106 Organic Chemistry Concepts II 3 CH 105, minimum grade C N  
CH 116 Organic Chemistry Lab I 1 corequisite CH 106 N QS
CH 118 Organic Chemistry Lab II 1 CH 106 & CH 116 N  
CH 232 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry 4 CH 105 & CH 116 N  
CH 250 Analytical Chemistry (lab included) 5 CH 230 or CH 115 N  
CH/BI 289 Chemistry or Biology Seminar 1   N  
CH 305 or CH 352 Physical Chemistry I 3 PC 203 & MA 230 N  
CH 301 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology I 3 CH 250 & BI 207 N  
CH 416 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology III 3 CH/BI 301, BI 316 or permission N CW
BI 105 Biology & Diversity & Ecology 3   N  
BI 121 Biology Lab I 1 coreequisite BI 105 N QS
BI 106 Functions  of Cells & Organisms 3 BI 105 & CH 105 N  
BI 122 Biology Lab II 1 BI 121 & BI 105 N  
BI 207 Dyanmics of Biological Processes 4 BI 106, CH 106 & CH 232 N  
BI 307 Molecular Techniques 3 BI 207 N CW
BI 316 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology II 3 BI 210 & BI 222 & CH 301 N CW
CH or BI 300
Chemistry or Biology (300 or above) 3 variable N  
MA 130 Calculus I 4   N QM
MA 230 Calculus II 4 MA 130 N QM
PC 202 Introductory Physics I 3 Corequisite PC 206 & MA 130 N QM
PC 206 Physics Laboratory I 1 Corequisite PC 202 N  
PC 203 Introductory Physics II 3 PC 202 & MA 130, corequisite PC 207 N QM
PC 207 Physics Lab II 1 Corequisite PC 203 N  
CH/BI 3OO level Elective 3 Variable N  

Total credit hours = 63 (18 upper level)

Possible schedule for a POE in Biochemistry

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Freshman College Writing Seminar Organic Chemistry Concepts II
  Information Access Organic Chemistry Lab I
  Organic Chemistry Concepts I Biology Lab II
  Biology, Diversity & Ecology Calculus I
  Biology Lab I  Seminar
   Electives  Electives
Sophomore Inorganic Chemistry Lab Analytical Chemistry
  Intro Inorganic Chemistry  Dynamics of Biological Process
  Chemistry Seminar Intro. Physics II & Lab
  Functions of Cells & Organism Calculus II  
  Calculus II CA, IC or electives
  Intro Physics I and Lab Language
Junior (may be spent abroad) BMB I BMB II
  Physical Chemistry I* Molecular Techniques
  Electives CA,  IC or electives
Senior BMB III Upper-level biology or chemistry
  Research Research
  Electives Electives

*Could be postponed a years
## Student can choose to take either BI 189, Biology Seminar in the spring of the freshman year or CH 289, Chemistry Seminar in the fall of the sophomore year.

Note: Biochemistry and related subjects can be studied at the Catholic University in Lille, France, or at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany.

Calculus I and II might be taken in summer school to provide an opportunity for language preparation. Alternatively, language might be studied abroad during the summers prior to the junior year.

updated 03.15 with approved changed in curriculum course numbers