Volume Nineteen 19

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Reclaim Your Curiosity

Daniel Dries
Opening Convocation, 23 August 2018

Daniel Dries, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, addresses the incoming Class of 2022 as they begin their journey at Juniata College. He encourages students to hold on to their sense of curiosity and wonder throughout their college experience and beyond.

Captain Dorito and the Bombshells: Hypersexuality in Marvel Comic Charachters

Rebecca Burch
20 September 2018

The torso of Chris Evans, the actor who played Captain America in the Marvel movies, has a shape that has been compared to a Dorito: wide across the shoulders and narrowing to a small waist. Dr. Burch, Associate Professor of Human Development at Oswego State University, has looked at over 17,000 characters in the Marvel Comic Universe, measured 3200 male and female humanoid bodies, and uncovered patterns that show a consistent exaggeration of testosterone and estrogen markers. The supernormal sexualized depictions tap into preferences and expectations of gendered bodies that have existed for millennia.

The Warrior Coffee Project: A Model of Service Learning in Study Abroad

Caroline L. Payne
26 September 2018

In trying to find a developing country in which her students could make a positive difference, Caroline Payne, Associate Professor of Political Science at Lycoming College, created the Warrior Coffee Project. This project partners with a community of coffee pickers in the Dominican Republic and works to create sustainable growth. The long-term development goal is to take the resource that the community already produces and help them access markets that will pay them more than they historically have gotten for their coffee. Thus, the Dominican coffee pickers can connect directly with other buyers directly and have a method of sustainable growth within the international coffee trade.

Two Poems: 'Tomatoes' and 'Asian Shrimp.'

Adrienne Su
26 September 2018

Adrienne Su is a Professor of Creative Writing at Dickinson College. Su shares two poems from Living Quarters: Poems “Asian Shrimp” and “Tomatoes.”

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