Primary Role:

Manage day to day Pcard process including training and ongoing support.  Provide customer service, credit applications.  Provide support for Student Organizations.  Provide a resource for administrative duties within FINOP.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:
  • P-Card Administration- Order, setup and train all cardholders.  Secure purchasing agreements for each cardholder.  Monitor Pcard activity and work with cardholders to resolve any disputes or discrepancies.  Maintain all changes involved with the Pcard system limits, account numbers, hierarchy, etc.  Update and maintain bank account records.  Act as a liaison with the bank.  Collect and destroy all cancelled Pcards.
  • Respond to customer and vendor questions on Pcards, purchase orders, budget matters and purchasing procedures.  Complete vendor credit applications and tax exempt forms.
  • Sort and distribute daily mail
  • Work closely with student organizations with budget matters, purchasing and Pcards
  • Print Shop Monthly Billings
  • Provide Administrative services for FINOP As needed
Supervision Required/Given:

Work independently using judgment and discretion in providing service.  Must work cooperatively with diverse customer base.

Position Qualifications:

Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through a high school diploma with additional training in the accounting/bookkeeping field.   (Certification to Associate’s Degree).  Two years’ experience in accounting/bookkeeping sufficient to demonstrate competencies in basic accounting/bookkeeping, PC applications associates with accounting and budgeting and customer service.  Must be motivated.