Primary Role:

Responsible for set-up, ordering and maintenance of the cell culture facility and set-up and maintenance of an existing electron microscope. 

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maintenance of Biology Department equipment and laboratories.
  • Provide minor repairs to electronics and instrumentation.
  • Contact service engineers for repairs, calibration or preventative maintenance, as appropriate.
  • Maintain records for Preventative Maintenance and Service Contract for autoclave.
  • Keep departmental pipetman stock organized and calibrated at regular intervals.
  • Arrange for disposal of departmental biological and chemical waste. Responsible for keeping disposal supplies available. Advise faculty and students of proper disposal for questionable items.
  • Provide support for maintenance and continued use of the computing cluster, including helping students with access and user support.
  • Provide accounts to collaborators at other institutions.
  • Research instructions and install software packages.
  • Troubleshoot access and computing problems.
  • Back-up system software at regular intervals.
  • Monitor physical systems (heat, cooling, power, etc.) relating to the computers.
  • Electron Microscopy: Provide proper instrumentation use and radiation safety training.
  • Provide imaging/analysis of samples, as appropriate.
  • Contact service engineers for repairs or preventative maintenance for SEM.
  • Demonstrate instruments to visiting guests and alumni.
  • Maintain cell culture stocks to support instructional labs.
  • Provide support for new faculty purchasing equipment and supplies from start-up funds. 
  • Maintain vendor accounts and records of past course purchases to facilitate efficient preparations for current & future classes.
  • Arrange for delivery/installation as needed.  

Supervision Required/Given:

This position reports to the Chair of the Biology Department.  May supervise student assistants.

Position Qualifications:

Experience in cell culture technique, electron microscopy, and Microsoft Office programs is required.  Additional experience in microbiology techniques and DNA analysis preferred.