Primary Role

The College Nurse is responsible for the nursing care provided to Juniata College students through the Juniata College Health and Wellness Center.  The Coordinator develops care activities for students with health-related needs and maintains professional consultative and referral relationships with the College Physician and/or Physicians Assistant.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides nursing care to students within the limitations of the medical staff approved protocols.
  • Maintains demographic, insurance and health history on all current students.
  • Collaborates and assists the Physician and Physician’s Assistant in monitoring and tracking student care.
  • Acts as a “medical educator” by providing students with medical information and knowledge about prevention and management of illness.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the conditions most commonly encountered, and the physiological basis for the nursing care delivered.  Seeks assistance when unfamiliar with a patient’s diagnosis or plan of care
  • Assesses and documents medical conditions according to specific standards.
  • Maintains infection control principals and hazard waste management.
  • Checks all equipment regularly and reports defects to the appropriate department.
  • Performs venipuncture in accordance with nursing Standards of Care.
  • Administers medication in compliance to physician’s orders, is aware of potential side effects, accepted dosage, patients allergies, and accepted routes of administration.
  • Utilizes the chain of command for reporting purposes.
  • Orders supplies and medication to deep stock up to date.
  • Assists with the responsibility of budgetary management as assigned including annual budget proposal and monthly budget as requested.
  • Establishes and maintains communications with J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital and other Healthcare providers.
  • Promotes campus-wide health education and wellness programming.

Supervision Required/Given

Works with considerable independence, but is supervised by the Dean of Students. Administratively supervises Health and Wellness Office Assistant.