Primary Role

Serves as principal administrator responsible for environmental compliance and safety of academic programs; promotes compliant, sustainable teaching and research objectives; contributes to and facilitates improvements in campus environmental health and safety.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develops and implements appropriate policies and practices to ensure safety of students and employees.
  • Provides training sessions and disseminates information related to chemical hygiene, environmental compliance, and occupational safety for academic programs.
  • Provides supervisor training for the College Hazard Communication Program.
  • Serves as College Chemical Hygiene Officer and Chairperson of the Campus Safety Committee and the Institutional Biosafety Committee.
  • Acts as liaison, submits reports and permit applications, and maintains records relating to local, state and federal environmental health and safety regulations as applicable to academic programs.
  • Monitors procurement, use, and disposal of laboratory and studio chemicals.
  • Maintains current knowledge concerning the legal requirements regarding laboratory safety and environmental compliance.
  • Advises Facilities Services on health and safety requirements.
  • Participates on Emergency Operations Team and contributes to campus emergency planning.
  • Hires, develops, and supervises the Science Safety and Operations staff.
  • Sets budget priorities for Science Safety and Operations and negotiates related major contract agreements.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

Supervision Required/Given

Receives general direction and guidance working with considerable independence. Provides regulatory oversight of College faculty and supervises technical staff and student assistants. Must work cooperatively and collaboratively with diverse individuals.

Position Qualifications

  • Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through completion of a Master’s Degree in science, engineering, or a related field. Additional experience and training to include laboratory management, chemical hygiene planning, and knowledge of state and federal regulations applicable to environmental health and safety.
  • At least five years of experience demonstrating capability and competency in environmental health and safety, laboratory, personnel, and hazardous materials management.
  • Demonstrated administrative expertise including selecting and supervising staff and PC proficiency with office systems.