Primary Role

To oversee the administration of the Friendship Family Program in which international students are matched with local families for cultural exchange.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Promotes the program through email communication and other means.
  2. Communicate with new international students regarding the program and collect applications.
  3. Communicate with continuing and prospective Friendship Families and collect applications. 
  4. Match students and families according to interests and preferences of both the students and families.
  5. Track and maintain the student and family database for the Friendship Family Program.
  6. Communicate through the course of the year with students and families concerning the program. 
  7. Liaise with Center for International Education staff regarding concerns of families or students. 
  8. Organize in conjunction with Center for International Education Staff a welcoming picnic in the fall and an end of year reception / activity for families and students. 
  9. Assist the Center for International Education in liaising with local families in the event families are needed for participation in other activities with international students. 
  10. Other duties as assigned in support of the Assistant Dean of the Center for International Education.

Supervision Required/Given

Works with considerable independence. Must work collaboratively with diverse individuals, including international students and families in the community.

Position Qualifications

Experience working with international constituencies and with community relations. Requires ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others. Experience in an educational administrative office setting, with strong written and oral communication skills and PC-based office software.