Juniata College seeks to recruit, retain, and motivate a highly skilled and productive team of staff members that will achieve sustained success.

The total compensation package consists of direct pay, benefits, and working environment and is designed to:

  1. Pay for performance.
  2. Facilitate the development of employees and movement along career paths, recognizing the desire for professional growth.
  3. Effectively utilize Juniata 's total compensation dollars while preserving the College's fiscal health. It should recognize the different markets in which Juniata competes for staff- local, regional, and national.
  4. Assist Juniata in meeting our long-term strategic goals and objectives.
  5. Recognize and reward excellence, as outlined in our mission statement.

Juniata attempts to provide compensation to employees on the basis of prevailing market practices for jobs of a similar nature, equity within the college, and the availability of financial resources.

Positions requiring similar duties, skills, and qualifications will be categorized/grouped similarly with jobs classified at the same level assigned to a common pay grade. Market competitiveness will be measured regularly against competitive market standards. The college's pay ranges will reflect a relationship to the market that will permit and support the recruitment and retention of the necessary skills and capabilities to support the missions and values of the college.

Descriptions for new positions must be submitted to the Human Resources office, where a job classification and appropriate pay grade will be recommended. Requests to reclassify positions should be based on a belief that duties and responsibilities of a position have materially changed since the position was last reviewed.

Salaries and wages are reviewed periodically, generally once each year, and increases are given on the basis of performance and annual guidelines established for salary increases. On occasion, minimum rate adjustments in the wage and salary classification plan and the statutory requirements require certain across-the-board raises.

In reviewing compensation levels and market competitiveness, total compensation, consisting of direct pay, benefits, and working environment, could be considered as a package. Prior to extending salary offers, proper analysis of qualifications and comparative data should take place in order to maintain fairness and consistency in salary decisions. Salary offers must be reviewed with and approved by Human Resources in advance.

The college's compensation philosophy and program are intended to support effective use of available resources and the recruitment and fair reward of staff contributions to the overall mission of the college. Further, the system is intended to help effectively manage both the human and fiscal resources that support the college's mission.