Juniata College Registrar
Primary Role
The Juniata College Registrar leads the office staff and works collaboratively with key members of the campus community to plan, organize, and manage all activities related to student records and registration. The support of student success, retention, and degree completion also falls under the purview of the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar maintains the highest standard of accuracy, security, and privacy of student records, and keeps abreast of regulations and best-practices in compliance with federal law, state law, and accreditation agencies.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, develop, and implement the offering and scheduling of courses, in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, faculty, Department Chairs, Departments and Programs Committee, and the General Education Committee.

Plan and oversee student registration (including exchange, non-degree, part-time, and graduate students) for each term of the academic year (including between semesters and summer), including registration with external consortia.

Lead the development of the academic calendar, including maintaining and publishing the final exam schedule, and oversee the editing and publication of the Juniata College catalog.

Ensure graduation requirements are met by all potential graduates, and collaborate with the Offices of the Provost and President in the preparation of Commencement Ceremonies.

Coordinate the evaluation of transfer credits according to Juniata’s transfer credit policy, including for study abroad and incoming international students, to support predictable and transparent student outcomes.

Lead the implementation and enforcement of the College’s policies and protocols regarding the use, dissemination, integrity, security, and privacy of student information, and compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including FERPA. Audit, maintain, and guarantee the integrity of all academic records.

Serve as a non-voting member of two faculty-led standing committees, the General Education Committee and the Student Academic Development Committee. Implement decisions for Student Academic Development Committee in circumstances as needed.

Provide data, information, and analysis to support data-driven decision-making by relevant members of the campus community.

Provide direct supervision of Registrar’s Office staff, and manage the departmental budget.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Supervision Required/Given
The registrar is a member of the Academic Affairs division who supervises the staff in the Registrar’s Office and reports to the Juniata College Provost.

A Bachelor’s Degree is required, with a Master’s Degree preferred, and experience in academic administration sufficient to demonstrate knowledge and competency in:

Federal, state, and accreditation agencies rules and regulations as they relate to the Office of the Registrar.

Inspirational and effective leadership, managerial, and collaboration skills, including experience with the direct supervision and professional development of staff.

Oral and written communication skills, including listening and influencing skills.

Data management and analysis, using relevant software.

Proficiency with relevant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) student systems and reporting software. Juniata College currently uses Ellucian’s Colleague and Entrinsik’s Informer.

International credits systems, both for study abroad and incoming international students.

Creative problem-solving and innovative thinking, including the ability to envision and implement new structures, systems, and solutions to serve the needs of the Juniata College community.

Project planning and completion.

Budget planning and oversight.

It is the policy of Juniata College to conduct background checks.

Juniata College takes positive steps to enhance diversity in both its community and its curriculum. The College commits to this policy, not because of legal obligations, but because it fully believes that such practices are basic to human dignity.

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