Juniata College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, ancestry, color, marital status, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, citizenship or veteran status in the administration of its employment practices, or in the educational programs or activities it offers. The College will take positive steps to increase the ethnic and gender diversity among its employees.

The basic principle of the employment policy is that equal employment opportunities be available to all qualified individuals so that all decisions are based solely on their experience and ability, potential and willingness to support the total programs and general aims of the College. Advancements are based on the individual's achievements in present positions and capacity to succeed in new positions. This policy emphasizes that all applicants for employment and all employees shall receive fair treatment in the initial employment and subsequent employment practices, including, but not limited to, hiring, firing, promotion, layoffs, transfers, and benefits.

The College seeks to maintain highly productive and loyal employees by hiring qualified people and providing them with compensation and opportunities for advancement in accordance with this policy. The College shall insure non-discrimination in all terms and conditions of employment, including work assignments, educational and training opportunities, and committee and decision-making assignments. Compensation shall be based on performance according to established guidelines for a particular position.

The College shall not penalize any employee, regardless of marital status, because they may require time away from work for childbearing or child care. Such leaves shall conform with stated College policy Family Leave.

The Director of Human Resources is designated as the Affirmative Action Officer and is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the policy aimed at insuring equality in employment opportunities for the College. S/he will review the effectiveness of the Affirmative Action Policy with the President's Cabinet annually and will revise the Plan as needed. Complaints of discrimination should be reported to the Director of Human Resources for investigation and resolution.

Personnel policies for faculty are outlined in the Faculty Manual; for administrators in the Administrative Personnel Manual; for supporting staff in the Supporting Staff Personnel Manual. The Facilities Services staff is a part of a bargaining unit, which works under the terms of an agreement with IBEW Local 2099.

The College commits itself to this policy not only because of legal obligations, but because it believes that such practices are basic to human dignity.